Ryan’s Jewelry


“At Ryan’s Jewelry, it is our mission to provide superior customer service, be experts in our field, provide services efficiently and effectively, and keep our promises to customers. Realizing that jewelry is often a sentimental matter, we pledge to gain and maintain customers’ respect and confidence when it comes to the handling of their items. In the spirit of independent business, we strive to be the most friendly, knowledgeable, and personal place to shop and conduct business.”

Ryan’s Jewelry is located on 400 Ashmun Street in downtown Sault Ste. Marie. Erika Haapala is the owner of Ryan’s Jewelry. She travels far and wide to hand-pick the perfect diamonds for her costumers.  Recently traveling to Antwerp, Belgium.  She is the best in her field and her never-ending knowledge will be recognized immediately upon speaking with her. Having grown up in Sault Ste. Marie, Erika believes that her jewelry store is a staple to the community and provides a lifestyle that their neighbors have grown accustomed to.


The photographs I have taken below showcase some of my favorites.

Each piece is waiting for YOU at Ryan’s Jewelry!
RyansAD Shimmering Diamond: 25CT center .51CTW 14kWG

Diamond Pendant: 1.02CTW 14kWG

Matching (Pinkie) Diamond Ring: .45CTW 14kWG

Silver X Ring: .14CTW

Cross Ring: .14CTW


Blue Topaz: 14kWG


Ring: .49 Mocha & White Diamonds in 14k Rose Gold

Pendant: .30 CTW Mocha & White Diamonds 14k Rose Gold


Diamond Bar: .16CTW 14kWG

Shimmering Diamond Pendant: .34CTW Champagne & White Diamonds 14kWG


Silver Pearl Earrings: 15mm Caged Windsor Pearl


Mens Eco-Drive Watches:

Mesh Chronograph

Axiom Chronograph

Black Leather Strap 3 Dial

RyanspurpleAmethysts & Diamond Set Earrings:  14K Rose Gold

Citrine, Yellow Quartz, & Diamond Necklace: 10kWG


12mm Oval Pearl with Black Druse Necklace set in Silver



Peridot Post Earrings: 14kYG

Marquise Peridot Matching Ring: 10kYG


Diamond & Sapphire: 1.25CT Oval Center Sapphire


Marquise Crystal Earrings Set in Silver


Emerald Cut Blue Topez & Diamond: 14kWG


OLD loves & NEW loves : Oct 2014 Addition

IMG_3003Things I love new & things I love old. October 2014.

IMG_3492Mom & I. October 1996.

BooksThe Virgin Suicides By Jeffrey Eugenides. 1993

Not That Kind Of Girl By Lena Dunham. 2014

Not So Deep As A Well By Dorothy Parker. 1936

Aperture Magazine Fall 2014

she wolfShe Wolf. Oil on Canvas. 2014. Alexandra Loesser.

CRI_154188Benny and Mary Ellen Andrews. Oil on Canvas. 1972. Alice Neel.

CRI_181317Susie and Friends. 2008. Chromogenic color print. Alex Prager.

CRI_255367Laverne Baker, Singer. 1957. Printed 1982. Jerry Schatzberg.

bfd3686e59ee9302c216eb81de561746Rain. 2011. Nazar Bilyk.

6234_7907d7b4-52bc-4fbf-8fc4-3ccca260837a_large Rose Bud Bralet.

4070226706_6_1_1Robe Coat.

4e11fe42a969744970e93dc7b81e742dPerfume Clutch.


Knee Boot.

f06e0aa56e640f910a04455b6d73746aFall Picnics.

bat_suvisurlevif BTAs.

05a4f392dbc2711ae6c144c90a9ea399Chandelier swinging.


10155431_10202076548736488_9184915561015546062_nMy little family.

NPRs “Favorite Sessions” alt-J




Do it Yoooooself Couch


I found this couch on a local site for a steal.

I love outside furniture and I’d been looking to give an awesome old piece new life!

DSC_2401 DSC_2406

I sanded the couch by hand, which took FOR-EV-VER…

I usually use a power sander, but it was easier to reach all the cracks and crevasses on this particular piece.

DSC_2408 DSC_2412

I put four coats on the piece with my favorite stain & polyurethane in one “Polyshade!” (Antique Chestnut)

DSC_2411 DSC_2415IMG_3261IMG_3206My mother in law and I sewed new covers for the cushions.If you are a Joanne Fan, and art nerd like me, I highly suggest getting the Joanne Fabrics Ap. I saved 50% on outside fabric paying $50 instead of $100…Yes please!

DSC_2435 DSC_2433 DSC_2431

And here is the final product!! 😀


Refurbishing isn’t for everyone…it takes a lot of work and patience, but the end result is always worth it!!

&& I thought I’d throw in a little before and after of a vanity seat I re-did.

DSC_2366 DSC_2367 DSC_2368 DSC_2440 DSC_2443

Wedding Bliss


There isn’t any possible way to describe the feeling of our wedding day.

I woke up to watch the Sugar Island sunrise, and an overwhelming happiness buzzed throughout my body. I sat on the end of the dock and replayed memories like movie clips of the two of us. My heart sang and danced in complete bliss.

The day was seamless. I’ve never seen so many happy people in one place in time. I laugh a lot, but I think there could of been a world record for laughing. The ambiance of the entire day was something I had never experienced before. Being celebrated and supported by everyone that you Love is indescribable.


The morning

Surrounded by the comfort of my mums, and soul sisters the air was filled with laughter, stories, the aroma of fresh coffee & a faint smell of cigarette. One of the most lovely mornings with the loveliest of people.

alekz-james-0195 alekz-james-0038 alekz-james-0093 alekz-james-0030 alekz-james-0048 alekz-james-0050 alekz-james-0072 alekz-james-0074 alekz-james-0181 alekz-james-0170 alekz-james-0152 alekz-james-0060 alekz-james-0116 alekz-james-0100 alekz-james-0075

alekz-james-0101 alekz-james-0118 alekz-james-0113alekz-james-0059alekz-james-0115 alekz-james-0008 alekz-james-0172alekz-james-0144alekz-james-0132alekz-james-0133alekz-james-0134alekz-james-0146alekz-james-0143alekz-james-0147alekz-james-0149alekz-james-0185alekz-james-0184alekz-james-0210alekz-james-0187alekz-james-0214alekz-james-0216


alekz-james-0415alekz-james-0422alekz-james-0423alekz-james-0419alekz-james-0237alekz-james-0246 alekz-james-0266 alekz-james-0269 alekz-james-0280 alekz-james-0285

James & I.

alekz-james-0800 alekz-james-0802 alekz-james-0807 alekz-james-0809 alekz-james-0812 alekz-james-0813 alekz-james-0814 alekz-james-0815 alekz-james-0828 alekz-james-0834 alekz-james-0840 alekz-james-0841 alekz-james-0853 alekz-james-0869 alekz-james-0873 alekz-james-0875 alekz-james-0880 alekz-james-0881 alekz-james-0886 alekz-james-0888 alekz-james-0890 alekz-james-0919 alekz-james-0922 alekz-james-0923 alekz-james-0926 alekz-james-0943Our Best Friends.

alekz-james-1045 alekz-james-0220 alekz-james-0226 alekz-james-0227alekz-james-0331 alekz-james-0335 alekz-james-0369 alekz-james-0348 alekz-james-0360 alekz-james-0763 alekz-james-0950 alekz-james-0984 alekz-james-0907 alekz-james-0971 alekz-james-1036

alekz-james-1021alekz-james-1022alekz-james-0956 alekz-james-0959alekz-james-0953alekz-james-1027alekz-james-1005 alekz-james-0764 alekz-james-0767


alekz-james-0413 alekz-james-0109 alekz-james-0330 alekz-james-0130alekz-james-0320 alekz-james-0327 alekz-james-0409alekz-james-0313 alekz-james-0310


The Ceremony

alekz-james-1084alekz-james-1083alekz-james-1081alekz-james-1078alekz-james-0448 alekz-james-0456 alekz-james-0461 alekz-james-0468 alekz-james-0469 alekz-james-0470 alekz-james-0476 alekz-james-0478 alekz-james-0483 alekz-james-0484 alekz-james-0488 alekz-james-0491 alekz-james-0494 alekz-james-0496 alekz-james-0502 alekz-james-0511 alekz-james-0512 alekz-james-0632 alekz-james-0518 alekz-james-0520 alekz-james-0549 alekz-james-0547 alekz-james-0545 alekz-james-0555 alekz-james-0556 alekz-james-0563 alekz-james-0570 alekz-james-0583 alekz-james-0603 alekz-james-0611 alekz-james-0614 alekz-james-0620 alekz-james-0622 alekz-james-0623 alekz-james-0626 alekz-james-0627 alekz-james-0633 alekz-james-0642 alekz-james-0648 alekz-james-0645 alekz-james-0650 alekz-james-0653

alekz-james-0687 alekz-james-0677 alekz-james-0666 alekz-james-0708 alekz-james-0684 alekz-james-0730 alekz-james-0682

The Reception

alekz-james-1232alekz-james-0426 alekz-james-0021 alekz-james-0428 alekz-james-0022alekz-james-1138

alekz-james-1106 alekz-james-1108 alekz-james-1130 alekz-james-1121 alekz-james-1112 alekz-james-1115

alekz-james-1133alekz-james-1136alekz-james-1149alekz-james-1148alekz-james-1143alekz-james-1142alekz-james-1141alekz-james-1178alekz-james-1186alekz-james-1180alekz-james-1182alekz-james-1189alekz-james-1191alekz-james-1262alekz-james-1257alekz-james-1270 alekz-james-1272 alekz-james-1280alekz-james-1209 alekz-james-1212 alekz-james-1244 alekz-james-1240 alekz-james-1250 alekz-james-1264 alekz-james-1204 alekz-james-1206 alekz-james-1197 alekz-james-1216 alekz-james-1225  alekz-james-1328 alekz-james-1281alekz-james-1299 alekz-james-1293 alekz-james-1327 alekz-james-1310 alekz-james-1316 alekz-james-1291 alekz-james-1289 alekz-james-1304 alekz-james-1334 alekz-james-1355 alekz-james-1357 alekz-james-1371 alekz-james-1370 alekz-james-1368alekz-james-1297

Our wedding day was the best day of my life. So much love and absolute outrageous fun packed into one day. My cheeks still hurt from smiling.  We are so thankful for all of the wonderful people in our lives. THANK YOU to all of our best friends & family!!! THANK YOU to our parents and aunt & uncle! They will never know how much we appreciate them. They helped us in many ways, and we are forever grateful.

I believe in letting creators create, and thats exactly what I let Lea & Jeff do. I told them my vision, and let them run free!

Lea Peterson (Vienna Glenn Photography) the Queen Bee of wedding photography brought me back in time to each moment with every photograph. She is truly the BEST, I couldn’t imagine a more talented women to capture our celebration. Please check out her blog and website listed below! All photographs above (c) Vienna Glenn Photography. Jeff Heidtman is one creative GENIUS! He created exactly what I wanted and more. He spent day and night placing thousands of flowers exactly where they belonged. His arrangements are breathtaking, I wish I could of preserved each and every one.

Orion Boucher a dear friend & stylist traveled all the way from Los Angeles, California to transform my hair into a movie stars. He is a renowned LA stylist and what he can do with hair will leave you speechless!

Lea Peterson Veinna Glenn Photography Website

Weddings by Jeff Heidtman

Bridesmaids Dresses – Maestro Empire

Maid of Honor – Badgley Mischka

Groomsmen Suits – J.Crew Suits

(This is the closest I could get since the new fall line is out)

Groom – Hugo Boss Suit  To Boot New York Shoes 

Bride – Augusta Jones Custom Gown (I helped draw up my exact dream dress), Betsey Johnson Pumps (no longer available), Ciner gold plated drop leaf earrings with crystals, CARA Bracelet, Vintage Chanel Bracelet, Gold glitter Kate Spade Clutch

kate moss lips




3ae364f83679e583437a5dc3d492e384take the time to find the right red lipstick .

IMG_2696DSC_0300 DSC_0307 DSC_0332 DSC_0360// shirt : H&M  //  jacket : GUESS //  jeans : 7FORALLMANKIND  //

// jewels : ROBERT ROSE , TANJORE  //  boots and welly socks : HUNTER  //

// watch : MICHAEL KORS  //  lips : KATE MOSS  //

Matte Mountain Gal


DSC_0222DSC_0239 DSC_0225




// JCREW : collared boy blouse // TOPSHOP : maxi skirt // LUCKY : boots //

//SMARTWOOL : socks //  GRIFFOLIE PARIS : sweater //

//LESLIE DANZIS : necklace//


Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 9.05.13 AM


It didn’t matter that we were lost.

We discovered Amsterdam on our own time. Leisurely eating pastries, drinking local brews, experiencing everything as it came to us.  The people, the architecture, the museums were like the first time you heard your favorite song.
We walked the streets and floated the canals out of our bodies. 



DSC_0797 DSC_0749 DSC_0856 DSC_0962 DSC_0744 DSC_0865 DSC_0748 DSC_0959 DSC_0771DSC_0715DSC_0783 DSC_0960 DSC_0736 DSC_0883 DSC_0737 DSC_0843