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DSC_5460GreenerChic Dangerous Jewelry is a line of colorful, classy and fun jewelry. I love to create sassy and sophisticated looks with brightly bold colored beads, natural gemstones, druzys, tassels and vintage findings. Each item is lovingly handcrafted in my home studio in Michigan. Visit my Etsy Boutique for one of a kind pieces!

DSC_5453Greener DSC_5445Greener DSC_5427GreenerDSC_5467GreenerIMG_5659GreenerComing soon!! The “Pretty in Pink Wrist Party!”

DSC_5493GreenerIMG_5680Coming soon!! The “She’s a Mermaid Wrist Party!” DSC_5405GreenerIMG_5631GreenerOn Etsy now! The “Boho Bracelet Stack”

ChicDangerous will also carry a variety of decor and art!

Pinapp copyWatercolor “Funky pineapple” print


“Floating petals” photograph

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Budapest, Hungary


Budapest is on almost every Top 10 travel list. Unique culture, healing thermal baths, and outrageously intricate architecture. Budapest lives up to its high reputation. The Hungarian capital is really two cities Buda and Pest. It is separated by Europe’s second longest river the Danube. Buda and Pest are very different. Built on hills, Buda has the best panoramic views of the city. It is picturesque and full of elegant architecture (Castle and Fisherman’s Bastion). It looks down onto flat Pest, where business and the nightlife scene are the best of friends. The two parts are easily navigated by tram, metro or on foot.

The food was absolutely soulful. I was in carb heaven. Mouth-watering rich stews, spicy sauces, hearty soups, sausages, soft blissful breads. (best known for goulash) The ultimate comfort foods. & The quality hungarian brews and wines flowed like the Danube river.

The Hungarian art scene and culture is spirited and diverse. The city is packed with art galleries and museums, and almost always has a festival or event celebrating in its streets. Our days and nights were spent consumed by the city, and the never-ending activities it had to offer.


At the entrance to Varosliget Park, Heroes Square is grand in scale! Placed between two massive museums. A statue of the Arch Angel Gabriel sits on top of the square. You don’t realize how big and majestic the sculptures are until you are standing underneath them. Read up about this Square before visiting so you can appreciate the history surrounding you.DSC_4752_2Greener DSC_4774Greener DSC_4777Greener

IMG_5187 IMG_5231 DSC_4749Greener DSC_4748Greener DSC_4780Greener DSC_4782Greener DSC_4784Greener DSC_4790Greener DSC_4796_2GreenerDSC_4803 Anonymus Szobor sits in a perfect spot, located in the City Park among the Vajdahunyad castle. It is said that touching the pen will give writers good luck.IMG_5266

 Gulyas (Goulash soup/Hungary’s traditional dish)

IMG_5269cultrefunstylegozsdu-udvar-1Gozsdu Udvar is located in the heart of the city, we found this fantastic hidden place near our hotel! This courtyard and passageway is without doubt the BEST area for great pub’s and restaurant’s in this wonderful city.

DSC_4805Greener DSC_4815Greener DSC_4818Greener DSC_4819_2Greener DSC_4820Greener DSC_4822_2Greener DSC_4829Greener DSC_4831Greener DSC_4835Greener DSC_4837GreenerDSC_4839GreenerThe New York Cafe is considered to be the most beautiful cafe in the world! It’s elegant, upscale and above all a place to indulge!

DSC_4843Greener DSC_4844_2Greener DSC_4852Greener DSC_4849_2Greener DSC_4842GreenerDSC_4859Greener DSC_4861Greener DSC_4862_2Greener DSC_4863Greener DSC_4869Greener DSC_4873_2Greener DSC_4875Greener DSC_4879Greener DSC_4883Greener DSC_4886GreenerMargaret bridge connects Buda and Pest over the beautiful Danube river to Margaret Island. It is one of the oldest bridges with amazing design and stone work. The bridge looks magical from any angle you view it from.

DSC_4891Greener DSC_4896Greener

Matthias church is located on top of castle hill. The intricate detail of the paneled roof  is insanely cool.

DSC_4898Greener DSC_4901Greener DSC_4904Greener DSC_4905Greener
DSC_4920Greener IMG_5208


Halaszbastya (Fisherman’s Bastion ) was one of our favorite spots. The architecture reminded me of the fortresses in The Lord Rings. From the top, spectacular views of Pest, the Danube and of the parliament building across the river. Absolutely a must see!

DSC_4922Greener DSC_4924Greener DSC_4927Greener DSC_4930GreenerParliament building is stunning, the sheer scale is breathtaking. Interesting historically & architecturally the Parliament was built-in a  Neo-Gothic design. It has a great presence from many places in the city. These photographs were taken looking down from the Fisherman’s Bastion and Castle Hill. This is the most impressive Parliament building I’ve ever seen.DSC_5003GreenerDSC_5011Greener


DSC_4944Greener DSC_4950Greener DSC_4954Greener DSC_4955Greener DSC_4959Greener IMG_5223White wine, garlic, and tomato Mussels

IMG_5224IMG_5289Bar Szimpla


Szimpla was recommended by a friend, and it ended up being one of my favorite bars ever, yes ever! It was fascinating. There is recycled sculpture art absolutely everywhere. The eclectic mixture of tunes, delicious drinks and hookah will not disappoint. Explore all the rooms, diverse crowd, and enjoy the laid back vibezzzz.

DSC_4962Greener DSC_4966Greener DSC_4972Greener DSC_4981GreenerIMG_5270DSC_4984Greener DSC_4987Greener DSC_4989Greener DSC_4991GreenerIMG_5271photo0jpg

I had read about the “For Sale Pub,” years ago so I was excited and equally surprised when we accidentally stumbled upon it. I had completely forgotten that it was even in Budapest. The pub is cozy and filled with quirkiness. The ceilings and walls are covered in notes and messages, straw and peanut shells are strewn about on the floor. The local beer was delicious, and the atmosphere warm and welcoming.

DSC_4994Greener DSC_4995GreenerIMG_5280DSC_4996Greener DSC_5000Greener DSC_5001Greener DSC_5005Greener DSC_5016Greener DSC_5017Greener DSC_5021_2Greener DSC_5023Greener DSC_5041Greener DSC_5044Greener IMG_5207DSC_4923DSC_5037GreenerDSC_4973GreenerDSC_5027GreenerBuda Castle


Gellert Spa was a lovely experience, many thermal baths in rich decadent rooms. Gellert is filled with colorful mosaics and fountains. But the charm is in the relaxed atmosphere.

IMG_5245 IMG_5256 DSC_5047Greener DSC_5051GreenerDSC_5056Greener

We love going to markets! The Central Market Hall was an amazing place with fresh produce, local preserves, meats, paprika and many other spices! Dine with the locals! The second floor is for tasting authentic meals of Hungary served in food stalls.DSC_5057Greener


Budapest is a grand melting pot of different people, language, and culture! I hope you enjoyed my post, and have inspired you to plan your very own adventure to Budapest!

Bath, Somerset

DSC_4095GreenerWith high hopes of sunshine we left our quaint flat, anticipating our arrival to the well-known city of Bath in Somerset England. As we hit the road, silence was scarce and laughter plentiful. Our cheeks clinching from time to time, as Brian weaved in and out of traffic. The coffees in our hands quickly disappeared, as Bob gave us the history of Bath’s Roman heritage and mineral watered hot springs.

Upon arriving in Bath nothing was unpleasing to the eye. The gorgeous uniformity of the Georgian style architecture, and yellow limestone buildings blended gracefully with the new modern store fronts. We wandered the cobble stoned bustling streets and alleys in the heart of the city where its inimitable charm and overwhelming ambience captured us.

By mere chance a small sign exclaiming “Meat Pies and Cider,” caught our eye. Tucked away below ground, “The Stable,” was a hidden gem. Known for their copious amounts of ciders, meat pies and pizzas, the restaurant had a large-scale menu, and cozy low-key atmosphere. Our taste buds and hungry bellies were satisfied.

Sadly, we were two minutes late to the museum and resultantly unable to reach the walk thru to the “Great Bath,” begging the museum security unfortunately didn’t work. We did however enter and peer through a large entrance window to  view the impressively frozen in time bath. In its elegance and near perfect preservation I imagined the romans nakedly lounging about in its warm waters…drinking wine, eating snacks, basking in all its refinement.

If traveling through England I would highly recommend visiting Bath. We had a wonderful day trip to say the least. The photographs hardly do justice, so you’ll just have to take a trip and explore this amazing city for yourself. DSC_4078Greener DSC_4081Greener-2 DSC_4079Greener DSC_4127Greener DSC_4122Greener DSC_4083Greener DSC_4094Greener DSC_4085Greener DSC_4086_2Greener DSC_4090_2GreenerBob, Brian and James!


The beef garlic potato pie, served with herb roasted potatoes, pickled onion and tomato chutney.

DSC_4092GreenerThe warm rosary goats cheese salad with delicious roasted beetroot, herb pumpkin, frisée lettuce, and toasted walnuts. Topped off with a savory honey and olive oil dressing.DSC_4105Greener

DSC_4117Greener DSC_4110GreenerDSC_4113_2GreenerDSC_4111GreenerDSC_4112_2Greener

DSC_4120Greener DSC_4114_2Greener DSC_4115_2Greener DSC_4098Greener DSC_4103Greener DSC_4099Greener DSC_4100Greener DSC_4104Greener DSC_4116Greener DSC_4124Greener DSC_4097Greener DSC_4125Greener

Je Ne Sais Quoi



DSC_4733Greener DSC_4369

DSC_4725Greener DSC_4396_2

//  Dress : Calvin Klein  // Jacket : H&M  // Bra : Victoria Secret Bombshell   //

//  Ring : Ryan’s Jewelry  //

//  Lips : Clinique’s “Sassy Spice” lipstick & Express’s “Black Cherry” gloss  //

90s kid

DSC_4212_2 copy

I could listen to this song forever and never get sick of it. Take a listen.

DSC_4144 DSC_4175 DSC_4188 DSC_4224 DSC_4149_2 DSC_4217DSC_4156_2 2

 Get the duds!

// Sweater : H&M // Jeans : Forever21 // Shoes : Converse //

// Lipgloss : Yves Saint Laurent  // Falsies : Sephora //

Eclectic Feel

DSC_3912_2 copy


// Sun Gs : ZEAL // Jacket : Vintage // Necklace : Vintage // Fur Scarf : Express //

// Skirt : Anthropologie // Tights : Calvin Klein // Boots : Sorrel //

// Sweater : Free People // Black tunic : Rag & Bone //

A colorful one pan dish!

DSC_3680“Sharing food is the most intimate act you can perform with your clothes on. It’s authentic and primal. No great relationship can ever begin until you’ve taken food from the same dish.”

A little food for thought :)! — When you invite a friend over for dinner, you are not only offering to get your pots and pans dirty, but also clearly stating how close you are to that person. If your whole family join you and your guest, then the dinner becomes even more personal, and if you know how they like their eggs in the morning, then that is another level of intimacy all together. The food you share with someone announces your relationship with them. Food is essentially a code that articulates social relationships, and we learn from a young age what food communicates in our particular culture or family. (Whether we choose to live by those conventions is another matter). Food adverts might emphasise what we eat and drink – whether it’s organic, local, or healthy – but who we eat and drink with is perhaps the most significant choice of all. –In a fast-paced, rapidly changing environment, sharing one’s most basic resources of food, drink and shelter still touches the anthropological core – breaking bread is still the fundamental way to make friends. Regardless of the structure in which it takes place, the simple act of giving and receiving food is an essential ceremony. Sharing food, although a basic human act, can also be a revolutionary way to cross your own threshold and create a new community.” – The Liberal


This recipe makes four portions, its super easy..incredibly healthy, and amazingly flavorful.Whenever I’m making a dish I like to use as much local farm fresh produce as I can. All the vegetables used were purchased from Farmer Q’s of Marquette, Mi. Its my favorite place to shop in the area, and they always have a huge variety of beautiful produce!


Portobello mushroom
Purple yam
Chicken breast
Himalayan pink sea salt
Ground green peppercorn
Virgin olive oil
Sweet Basil Deli caesar dressing

1.Marinate chicken in Sweet Basil Deli’s Caesar (I prefer it, but any will work!)
2.Preheat oven to 450
3.Dice vegetables
4.Drizzle olive oil and caesar dressing over dish
5.Squeeze oranges as well
6.Add sea salt & ground peppercorn to your liking
7.Put vegetables in oven for 25 minutes
8.When 25 minutes is up, add chicken on top of veggies for another 25 minutes
9.Serve it up!

DSC_3719 DSC_3721_2 DSC_3724DSC_3727DSC_3730_2 DSC_3734_2 DSC_3741 DSC_3817 DSC_3813 DSC_3841 DSC_3867


DSC_3836 DSC_3835



A little 70s garb

DSC_3998 DSC_4001_2 DSC_3989 DSC_4008 DSC_3991


Get the look!

// Cord Blazer : J.Crew // Dress : Vintage (look a-alike) // Black Jeans : Joes Jeans //

// Purse : Vintage // Necklace : Ryans Jewelry //

// Lips : NARS poppy red // Over the Knee boots : Steve Madden //

Sippin on Gin & Juice : Michigan Style


Before heading out to camp (what we Yooper/Michiganders call any type of vacation home away from home) my mom and I dreamt up the perfect cocktail! A little something we like to call “the Holland highball!” Anyone can use store-bought grapefruit juice and a basic gin, but if you want something to make your taste buds come alive follow this recipe.

Warning : This drink is so thirst quenching its guaranteed to go down a bit to easily! 😉

DSC_3524Add some vitamin C to your winter blues. This savory grapefruit gin & tonic is invigorating and adds a nice flare to a classic gin & tonic. Best of all it is very easy to make and the perfect signature drink for entertaining!


New Holland Knickerbocker Gin
Q Tonic
Brown sugar
Fresh basil


DSC_3532 DSC_3533 DSC_3535

Add brown sugar to your grapefruit and place pan in oven, bake at 350 for 12 to 15 minutes until top has formed a caramelized crust.

DSC_3538 DSC_3632Not only is the basil and orange a beautiful garnish, the aroma adds to the delicious experience.

DSC_3565Baked grapefruit

DSC_3569 DSC_3623 DSC_3627_2The baked grapefruit juice is refreshing & a lovely burst of color.

DSC_3633“ Knickerbocker Gin is a vibrant, aromatic spirit twice distilled and infused with flavors from more than a dozen herbs and spices. Generous amounts of juniper-berries contribute a bright citrus and evergreen body, bursting with flavor before a clear, dry finish.” – New Holland Brewing

I’ve always been a huge fan of gin, and I must say New Hollands Knickerbocker hit the nail on the head.


DSC_3547 DSC_3544_2

DSC_3643“Q Tonic tastes clean and crisp, as tonic water was intended, with a quick sharpness and a gently rounded sweetness. The bottle is perfectly proportioned for one proper drink.”


DSC_3648 DSC_3657_2DSC_3660


1 ounce gin
2 ounce fresh grapefruit
4 ounce tonic

Fill a shaker two thirds of the way with large ice cubes. Add Knickerbocker, freshly squeezed grapefruit juice. Shake until the outside of the shaker becomes frosted. Strain into glass filled with several ice cubes. Top with the Q tonic water and give the drinks a quick stir. Garnish each glass with an orange slice and basil leaf.

Casual Glam

DSC_4027_2 DSC_4034_2 DSC_4013_2 DSC_4037 DSC_4014 DSC_4035

DSC_4020_2// Jacket : 1970s Vintage (closest I could find)  // Flannel : H&M // Dress : Rag & Bone // Purse : Urban Original  //

// Shoes: Osage by Guess  // License Plate Bracelet : Curious Cargo  //